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¤ 2015, December ¤
- New album released : IN LACRIMAE AD TENEBRIS (check Album/Listen section)
- New website online.

¤ 2008, June ¤
- New album released : GYLFAGINNING (check Album/Listen section)

¤ Story ¤
Sombre Loki is a one-man band (solo project) from France, which evolve in black metal, ambient, and sadness. Sombre Loki is Bertrand R. who was guitarist and composer in the French Metal band called Keidola (split-up in 2015, April).

On this website, you will be able to discover my universe and download content (full-length albums, pics, etc).

In 2008, Sombre Loki released his first project inspired by cold black metal and folk ambience. Except for a song, an instrumental Gylfaginning tells history and pays tribute to northern cultures and Black Metal movement.

After several years, continuing his artistic quest, Sombre Loki and offers a terrific view of end times.

Sombre Loki dedicates the song "Absconse résilience" to the victims of attacks in Paris.

French flag

 2015 - Sombre Loki 
"And never more mankind trusted in God."

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